The Things I Don't Do.
Hi my name is Sarah! I'm a college sophomore studying at RMWC on scholarship/work study.
I'm really white. I like watching shitty things on Netflix. I post NSFW content, don't follow if - 18. I post cats. porn. more porn. politics. lgbt*. body mods. personal things that no one seems to care about. cute things.
I drink a lot of coffee and don't sleep.

Come talk to me sometime. :]

um feel free to look around

*please respect me by not putting unwelcomed sexual content in my askbox*
  • gay kid: hey i like your shoes
  • straight boy: haha thanks but im straight
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Corn husks are their favorite thing

This one has banana/almond milk smoothie in it. They go crazy!


This is real, this is me

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I love this.

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A tank evolution pic is in order. The first picture is from July 2013, about a month after rescaping it. I’m pleased with how much the fish and plants have grown.

The slate is a temporary addition as I try to farm algae for the tank that should become a hillstream tank some day. 



Just in case you didn’t see the post from earlier this morning:

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hahaha best

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I’m just a needy piece of shit that needs constant reassurance that I’m wanted